Transforming a carport into a garage

Do you have a carport that you would like to turn into a garage? It is certainly possible and all you need is a little time and some basic tools to accomplish this conversion without a lot of hassles. Keep in mind that a carport is basically a garage minus walls, with no openings for doors or windows. Thus, the work needed to convert it into a closed garage is relatively easy to do.

Before getting started, verify whatever current regulations are in effect in your municipality and obtain the required permit for renovating your carport. Display your permit in one of the windows of your house.


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Very well done transformation of a carport into a modern style attached garage for a bungalow. Single garage door in Black.

A stunning transformation of a carport into an attached garage for this totally revamped bungalow. The modern Black garage door completes the look perfectly. Planimage #RENO-050

Step 1: Planning

We suggest you have a professional draw up the plans for you. This expert will help to plan the overall layout, including the openings you need for doors and windows. Another important element: if your placement is near the property line between you and your neighbor, you may need the involvement of a land surveyor. In addition, ensure you respect the setback distances used by your municipality.

Step 2: Preparation

Your carport to garage transformation project can be done without digging a foundation, but you must ensure that the ground is stable and that there is a good drainage system for the gutters. Next, whatever is covering the joists and columns of your current carport must be removed as well as the soffit. As for the covering on the ceiling of the carport, if there is one, it can be kept. However, some changes could be made.

Step 3: Erect the walls

You will need to construct the wall frames with 2 X 6’s with a center-to-center distance of 16 inches, and your wall bottom plate in pressure-treated wood. This bottom plate must be covered with a polyethylene sheet for damp proofing because it will be in contact with the ground. The wall framing should be fastened at the top to the carport structure and on the sides to the existing columns. They should be covered with particleboard (or fiber board) and an air barrier membrane.

Step 4: Install the access door and windows

Plan for the openings you need to install the access door and any windows you wish have. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for these products.

Step 5: Add the garage door

First of all, an important point: make sure you have an adequate slope at the threshold of the garage door to allow for proper drainage of water towards the street.

As for the garage door, you can choose from among the wide range of residential garage doors from Garaga. To view what it will look like, create your custom door using Garaga’s Design Centre. If you want to add a door opener, there are many choices available.

If you are good with your hands and if the frame is prepared according to the instructions, you can install it yourself or it can be done by the construction contractor you choose. If you prefer the installation to be done by a professional, contact one of our specialists.

Step 6: Don’t forget insulation

Once the door and windows are installed, you are now ready to insulate your garage. Insulating the walls is a smart investment that helps avoid the loss of heat. Use mineral wool batts with the R-value you desire. Install the insulation between the wood studs, and then add a vapor barrier. Depending on the interior finish you choose, install wood furring strips (1x3), then place the drywall or vinyl siding. Plan also to insulate the ceiling.

Step 7: Complete the exterior finish of the garage

The choices for the exterior of your garage are varied. Match, as much as possible, the current exterior of your home. For the roofing, use the same color of shingles as on your house. Add decorative moldings and other features such as a pergola to give it some style.

Cozy bungalow with its carport converted into a garage with a single beige garage door.

What a makeover! The owners transformed their carport into a garage while adding a room above and redoing the exterior siding. The simple beige garage door blends in beautifully with the decor. Planimage #RENO-018

Here is a list of materials and subcontractors you will need

To get an idea of the planning you will have to do, here is a partial list of the material and subcontractors that you will need to transform your carport into a garage with a foundation:

  • material: construction lumber (2x4, 2x6, 2x10, 1x3), insulation, particleboard/plywood, drywall, exterior and interior siding, fiberboard panels (Ten-Test), asphalt shingles, nails and screws.
  • for the openings: windows, access door (36 x 82 in.), garage door, electric door opener.
  • subcontractors: excavation, concrete (concrete slab and walls), gravel and drain pipe, plumbing (floor drain, sink, etc.) and electricity.

How much will it cost you?

Roughly speaking, for a 14 x 24 ft. garage (280 sq. ft.), big enough to park one car, with the work done by a contractor, here are some numbers:

  • adding a new carport to your existing house will cost you between $8,000 and $10,000 on average.
  • transforming a carport into a garage, with no foundation, will cost between $9,000 and $13,000. The difference in price is due to the choice of exterior finish.
  • converting a carport into a garage, this time including the foundation, will cost between $18,000 and $23,000. This variation in price is based on different options and possible unforeseen events: brick or PVC exterior, heated or unheated garage, excavation problems, etc.
  • adding a new garage to a house that doesn’t have a carport will cost approximately $70.00/sq. ft., or around $25,000.

If you decide to do the work yourself, you can break down the construction costs as follows: 40% of the amounts shown are for the materials and 60% for the labor. This division indicates how much you could save by undertaking the work yourself, especially if you are at all skilled in construction work.

When it comes the time to purchase your garage door, contact one of Garaga’s garage door specialist, especially if you are the one supervising the work. We will show you how to prepare the door frame. We can also send you a free quote.

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