How can you save energy with your garage door choice?

When buying a garage door, homeowners are increasingly opting for a long-lasting and energy-efficient product. To help you make the right choice, here are some factors that will make your decision easier.

Traditional style yellow house in winter, with double garage having 9' x 7' Standard+ Classic CC Ice White garage doors.

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A long-lasting product!

There are 4 factors that make Garaga garage doors a product built to last a long time:

  • the construction of the door
  • the quality of the weatherstripping
  • the sturdiness of the hardware system
  • the power of the door openers

The door

Garage doors insulated with polyurethane foam ensure you of good insulation. As the foam adheres to the walls of the door, it also guarantees you have a strong product with flexibility that surpasses all other types of insulation.



The weatherstripping

Exterior frame weatherstripping, like that at the bottom of the door, is made of PVC. PVC quality can be measured by its flexibility at sub-freezing temperatures. The more you pay for it, the better quality you’ll receive.

The weatherstripping found between door sections should be closely examined. Does it effectively stop air infiltration? Does it have a thermal break?

The hardware system

The sturdiness of a hardware system is important. The durability of a garage door is linked to these mechanical components. What type of steel is used for the tracks, rollers and hinges? Welded tracks, hinges with a minimum gauge of 14, strong anchor plates and nylon rollers with 11 ball bearings - these are some of the features that allow you to have a solidly installed garage door.

The garage door opener

You should carefully consider your choice of garage door opener. Depending on your door model and the configuration of your garage, different garage door openers are available. In addition to its type and power, you can also verify that it isn’t too energy consuming.


An energy efficient and weathertight garage door

Your investment in a new garage door won’t pay off if you don’t purchase a truly insulated door, especially one that is watertight and airtight.

Opt for a garage door insulated with polyurethane foam – it is the best insulator currently on the market.

Take a close look at the effectiveness of the weatherstripping found at the bottom of the door, between the sections and at the perimeter of the door, particularly when the temperature falls below freezing.

Analyze whether the garage door is equipped with true thermal breaks. They are located at the ends of and between the door sections. You can buy a door with a thermal resistance value of R‑16, but if there are thermal bridges, the advantage of better insulation will be undermined by this weakness.

Traditional style blue house in winter, with double garage having 9' x 7' Standard+ North Hatley SP Ice White garage doors. Garaga's R-16 garage door with weathertight zones and R-18 garage doors from other manufacturers with zones that are not weathertight.

How to measure the effectiveness of a garage door

What matters most is for your garage to stay warm in winter and cool in summer.

In winter, if your garage is insulated but not heated, this comfort is measured as soon as you start your vehicle in the morning. Since your vehicle is not covered with snow, the temperature inside your vehicle should be relatively warm.

Take a look at the thermometer in your car. A few minutes after you leave your garage, you will notice the difference in temperature. It will be between 40°F and 45°F (5°C and 8°C). How is this possible? When you enter the garage with your car, because the engine is warm, it warms up the room. As well, every time you open the door to your home, heat is transferred to the garage.

Garage door icon with scarf under the snow to show that garage doors keep you warm all winter long.

A professional installation maximizes the energy efficiency of your garage door

Purchasing a long-lasting and energy-efficient garage door makes your investment cost effective. It’s a logical and money-saving choice!

For this to work, it is essential to properly install the door in order to maximize its performance and ensure that everything is safe for you and your family.

Trust the GARAGA garage door installation professionals. They know garage doors like no other. They will be able to advise you while respecting your tastes and budget.

Do you want to choose your garage door based on your insulation needs? Then visit our Design Centre and see the construction options available in the Panel construction drop-down menu.

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