Just When You Thought You Had Seen It All! Check Out This Full-View Garage Door!

Can't get enough of ALL-GLASS garages? They're all over social media, you've seen them when out at restaurants, and even TV home renovation shows use them.   

Garage Door Model: California, 9' x 7', White aluminum frame, Sandblasted glass

You like this look? These are California Garage Doors , 9' x 7', White aluminum frame, Sandblasted glass

Get ready to bring the trend home, though. All-glass garages are making their way to homes, barns, and cottages around the country. With a chic, eye-catching touch, a new all-glass garage door perfectly blends the indoors with the outdoors.     

The odds are that you've seen California full-glass garage doors between:

  • An eating space and an outdoor patio
  • Two rooms in restaurant to create more space
  • A three-seasons room and the lawn
  • Maybe even between the cottage living room and the outdoor pool or in a pool house transformed in a wonderful she-shed

Garage Door Model: California, 12' x 7', Black aluminum frame, Clear glass

You like this look? This a California Garage Door , 12' x 7', Black aluminum frame, Clear glass


And yet, we can almost guarantee you've never seen a door this small used in such a genius way!

The California garage door over a kitchen sink. Inside of the door from the kitchen


The Story Leading Up to It

"Our customers are a great couple who loves to receive family and friends and entertain. They love cooking big meals too. But they didn't like at all that they had to walk with plates and covers and stuff from their big kitchen to their patio door, located in their dining room, and then on their deck." – Emily Wright, designer

Not satisfied with the ordinary or boring, the customers wanted a way to divide their kitchen and three-season room while still being able to pass food from one area to the other.

"I knew very little about panoramic garage doors. Well, about garage doors overall, to be honest. But when I walked through the door at Baker’s Garage Doors, I met a team of passionate people who took the time to listen to my weird ideas and transform them into technically smart, gorgeous reality."

The truth be told, there's no such thing as a one size fits all door when you're buying a premium product. Although the size of a Single garage door is 9'x7' and Double garage door s tend to be 16'x7', your final product will be constructed to match your exact needs. No matter the final size!

Garaga can build residential doors of just about any size, from 48 to 240 inches wide and from 36 to 144 inches high (measured in 1- or 3-inch intervals).

The California garage door: A look from the outside, in the 3-season sunroom

Time to Get Technical!

If you are looking for something similar, here are the details on this nifty little door:

  • Total dimensions of the door : 48 X 56 inches
  • Make of the door : California in a black trim
  • Type of window : Transparent tempered glass on the door's front and back
  • Type of hardware : Dura+ as well as torsion springs. The torsion spring is kept out of sight in a wooden box at the top of the door.
  • Galvanized tracks and hinges : Coated in a black enamel paint to create a beautiful finished look.

You Can Even Add an Engine!

As if that wasn't enough, you can even automate this little garage door! The customers went with a LiftMaster 8500 Jackshaft opener, which was easily fitted right beside the door.

Great Idea! The spring system and garage door opener were attractively concealed.

Even in the pictures, you can't spot it! If you're looking for the door opener, it's also hidden away in a kitchen cabinet.

The door opener is incredibly easy to hide away thanks to its small size:

· Height: 16 ¼ inches

· Width: 6 inches

· Depth: 6.85 inches

One more amazing feature is that this door is also equipped with MyQTM. This is the most modern technology available, allowing you to open or close your door from anywhere with a mobile device or computer.

Garage Door Model: California, 18' x 8', Black aluminum frame, Clear glass

You like this look? This a California Garage Door , 18' x 8', Black aluminum frame, Clear glass

Already Planning a Design as Special as This One?

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