Things to Consider When Selecting a Garage Door Dealer

Things to Consider When Selecting a Garage Door Dealer

Sure, you think that selecting a garage door dealer is all about finding the right door and someone to install it for you. But, in actuality, there’s a lot more to it than that!

Rather obviously, you want your garage door dealer to have a great reputation. But, there are other things you should look into as well. Do they stand behind their work by offering a warranty for their services, for example?

With this in mind, here are some things to consider when selecting a garage door dealer.

The Garage Door Dealer’s Reputation

The Internet is your best tool here. Go onto some of the popular review sites and look at what other customers have had to say. Are the dealer’s prices fair? Have other customers been satisfied with the level of service that they’ve received?

If everything looks on the up and up, then go in and check them out. See if they can provide you with references for other work that they’ve conducted in your neighborhood. While you’re there, take note of the sales representatives. Are they friendly, and do they seem to know what they’re doing?

The Garage Door Dealer’s Experience

How long has the garage door dealer been in business? It’s a simple question, but one you should ask.

As you’re vetting the dealer, try to judge their experience with working in your specific region. Do they understand the environmental factors that will affect your new garage doors? Also, how do their prices stack up with the competition, and can they meet the needs of your budget?

Finally, it’s important to look into the business’ accreditation. If they’re a garage door dealer that’s worth their salt, they’ll have certification from multiple sources. Most notably, they should be accredited by the International Door Association. Also, they should be certified by any garage door manufacturer whose doors they sell. If they’re a GARAGA garage door dealer, for example, then they should be a certified Garaga Expert.

The Garage Door Dealer’s Compliance with Regulations

Any reputable garage door dealer needs to be well versed in the local building codes. So, make sure that the one you select is so experienced, as this will help you to avoid fines.

In addition to building codes, garage door dealers are required to be certified for certain safety practices. They should therefore have all the necessary licenses. So make sure that this is case. Also, you may want to look into what licenses and certifications a garage door dealer is supposed to have, as this will help you to properly vet the dealer.

The Garage Door Dealer’s Insurance Coverage

As with any contractor, a garage door dealer is required to cover their business and employees with insurance. When you investigate the dealer, ask to see their Certificate of Insurance. If they decline your request or seem put off by it, then that’s a giant red flag. You should take your business elsewhere immediately.

The Garage Door Dealer’s Stability

Here’s a nightmare scenario: You pay a company to install your garage doors. Months later, you run into an issue that’s covered by your warranty. You call the garage door dealer only to discover that they’ve gone out of business. When this happens, you’re stuck with malfunctioning garage doors, a wasted investment, and the cost of having new garage doors installed.

You can avoid this by researching the stability of the garage door dealer you choose to work with. Ask them about their financial outlook and their expectations for future work. Also, consult online review sites to see how long the business has been around.


Selecting the right garage door dealer is all about doing your homework. By looking into the above considerations, you’ll be able to select a garage door dealer that will work for you. Happy garage door hunting!

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