September 9, 2016

Reclaim Your Garage Space in 5 Easy Steps!

Reclaim Your Garage Space in 5 Easy Steps!

Is your garage in need of serious decluttering? Don’t know how to reorganize it? See our 5 easy steps to regain control of your garage!

If you are discouraged by the idea of reorganizing your garage, you are not alone. Many of us would love to use our garage to its full potential, yet our clutter means we can’t even use it to park our cars. It’s time to stop wasting this important square footage! Here’s how...

1 – Declutter

Starting is the hardest part. Grab your garbage bags and recycling bins – it’s time to declutter! You will need to sort the contents of your garage into a few categories including:

  • Recycling / garbage
  • Donations / for sale
  • Items that belong elsewhere
  • Items to keep in the garage

If you don’t need it or don’t use it, don’t keep it.

2 – Decide How You Will Use Your Space

Now that your garage is empty, it’s decision time. What does your dream garage look like? How do you want to use this space? Will it become a man cave? A mom cave? A kids’ playroom? Or are you simply hoping for a spot that can provide both parking and storage?

Next, you will need to create a floor plan. Take measurements and create a plan on paper, or input your data into designing software to get your design to scale. Add windows, doors and other important details.

Then sketch out possible layouts that meet your needs. You may decide, for example, to create one area for DIY projects with a workbench, pegboard, table saw and tool chest. In another corner, you may need to store all of your skis and bicycles. Draw a few possible layouts until you are happy with your design.

Need some inspiration? Search for “garage storage ideas” online. A quick search will bring up a dizzying amount of photos to get you started.

When it comes to planning your storage, don’t overlook the space beside and above your garage door. You might be surprised how much storage you can create in these often forgotten spaces.

3 – Select Insulation, Walls and Flooring

Once you have your final plan, it’s time to start building. Start by insulating your garage, then adding drywall. Paint all drywall to create a more durable finish. Thinking of painting your garage floor? Choose a product made for concrete, making sure to prime first if your floors are unfinished.

To finish a single garage yourself, with insulation, vapor barrier, drywall and paint, expect to spend between $1,000 and $1,500. Hiring a contractor to do the work will mean additional labor costs.

4 – Choose Your Garage Door and Door Opener

Your dream garage just isn’t complete without a beautiful garage door. If your current door doesn’t work well or isn’t fully insulated, you may want to replace it at this stage of your renovation.

Choose a door that offers a high R‑value. Good insulation and weather‑stripping helps keep your garage at a comfortable temperature. They also keep heating and cooling costs down. And to make your new door easy to use, choose an automatic door opener. Today’s models come equipped with many great accessories so you can open and close your door from anywhere!

5 – Add the Finishing Touches

Now that your space is finished and painted, you can make your design a reality.

Storage systems can cost anywhere from a few dollars to a few thousand dollars. If you are handy, creating your own shelving units out of lumber will certainly be the most frugal option. You can then buy matching plastic bins to keep everything neat and tidy. Or you can opt for pre‑fabricated storage units to get the job done quickly.

Make a list of what you need along with approximate costs. Request estimates from professionals like contractors and electricians if you plan on using their services. If the costs are higher than your budget allows, decide if you will scale back a little or postpone some items until later.

When it comes to choosing the perfect garage door for your renovation, you don’t need to do it alone! Our experts can help you design your dream garage door. Call us today at 717-901-4056 to get started. We can show you our many garage door styles and colors. We can also recommend windows and accessories that complement your home’s architecture, all while working with your existing budget. To schedule a service call or request a free, no obligation quote, you may also use our convenient online form. We look forward to helping you make your dream garage a reality!

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