July 15, 2022

The Pros and Cons of a Garage Door with a Pedestrian Door

Pedestrian door

You’ve probably seen pictures of pedestrian doors on garages in the past. They look really great and seem very convenient, so people have become fond of posting galleries of them all over the Internet.

The rationalization behind pedestrian doors seems to be, "Instead of opening that big door to get in the garage, I could just walk through a much smaller one."

Garage doors can also come with pedestrian doors. Obviously, going through a small access door is going to be a lot easier than lifting an entire industrial garage door with dimensions of 16′ x 16′.

The size of pedestrian doors can vary greatly from one brand to another. However, the vast majority of them are going to be 32 inches wide by 78 inches high.

Our recommendation would be that you opt for a polyurethane‑insulated garage door to ensure your overall door system has a sufficiently solid structure. The garage door’s thickness should be somewhere between 1 3⁄8″ and 2″ to reach that goal.

Now that you have a better idea of what a pedestrian door entails for a residential setting, let’s move on to talking about the pros and cons of having one.

Not Enough Pros

  • If you have a garage connected to your house’s basement, installing a conventional access door might be a bit of a challenge. That’s why you were thinking of adding a pedestrian door.
  • People mistakenly think that an alternative entrance to your garage door would be necessary in case of a prolonged power outage. But that’s not the case at all. Even though you have a garage door opener, you can easily unplug it and open your garage door manually with one hand.

But Too Many CONS

1) The cost of one of these doors and the safety system required is probably the main drawback of choosing a pedestrian door. Without that safety system, your garage door could suffer major damage, so you definitely can’t skip it in an attempt to save money.

Installing a pedestrian door to a single garage door costs as much as the full-garage door system (meaning the garage door itself + the hardware).

2) If the garage door has an electric garage door opener, you must ensure the pedestrian door is always properly closed. Otherwise, the device could operate the opener when the door is open and cause severe damage.

3) Pedestrian doors cannot be installed on garage doors of any real width. The bare minimum width required is 8 feet. Furthermore, if your garage door is a rectangular model with an embossed design, the placement of the rectangles will be restricted.

4) The look of your garage door emboss will be really less pleasing to the eye and won’t add as much curb appeal to your house.

5) Finally, the more openings you put into a garage door – for any reason – the more energy efficiency will decrease. If insulation and weatherproofing are priorities for you, then you’ll have to choose that or the pedestrian door.

Paying Twice to Cost to Get a Pedestrian Door Is NOT What You Had in Mind?

You didn’t know pedestrian doors were having so many cons and were soooo expensive?

We feel you.

Now you prefer a regular garage door? Perfect! That’s what we do.

In fact, we feel so strongly about pedestrian doors NOT being a good investment; we don’t do them anymore.

Contact us at 717-767-1419.

Our company knows garage doors better than anyone does. We'll work directly with you to ensure this type of door makes sense for your home. If you want, we’d be happy to send you a detailed online quotation, too. You can also come to visit us in our showroom.


Hello! We will be happy to help you choose your door and answer all your questions. Could you please call us at 717-767-1419 (York) or 717-901-4056 (Mechanicsburg)?

Hello, Mr. Augustine, we would be glad to help you. Could you please call us at 717-767-1419 so we can discuss your project?

Hi, I am looking for a standard walk through garage door for a new construction site in Staten Island NYC.
8x16. Just wonder what will be the price and shipping process.
Thank you

Cell: 718-687-7286

Hello, Lina! We would be glad to help you. Could you please call us at 717-767-1419 so we can discuss your project?

Hello Mr. Mongillo, We would have quick questions before being able to answer your request. Could you please call us? Here are both our numbers: York: 717-767-1419 / Mechanicsburg: 717-901-4056

I was interested in a garage door with a pedestrian pass thru. Could someone please call to advise. It will be replacing our standard 8 by 7 foot garage door.

Thank you

Hello Mrs. Verdadeiro, Unfortunately we don't have your phone number. Could you please call us? We will be happy to help you out and to answer all your questions. Our numbers -York: 717-767-1419 -Mechanicsburg: 717-901-4056

Hello Gene, We are located in York (717-767-1419) and in Mechanicsburg (717-901-4056), PA. Do not hesitate to call us for help.

Do you ship doors to Charlotte NC? I can be reached at 704 530 9822. thanks, Andrew.

Looking for a garage door with a pass through door.

Good Morning Andrew! Thank you for thinking of Baker Door Company for your garage door :) We have 2 locations: York: 717-767-1419 & Mechanicsburg: 717-901-4056, Call us for more information. Have a nice day!

Will the pedestrian door have automatic locking system and can be controlled from inside the house or using the keypad remote to access this door instead of using the full garage door

Hello Ziad, could you please call us at one of these phone numbers? York: 717-767-1419 Mechanicsburg: 717-901-4056. It will be easier to explain over the phone.

Need a garage door with a door let me know if it is possible?

Thank you very much for thinking of Baker Door Company for your new garage door! Could you please contact us at York: 717-767-1419 or Mechanicsburg: 717-901-4056? We will be happy to help you out!

Need a 16ft x7ft garage door. Can I please get a price estimate?

Hello Ravinder, we would need more information to provide you with the best price for your situation. Could you please call us at one of these phone numbers? York: 717-767-1419 Mechanicsburg: 717-901-4056

Hi there,
I am looking for a garage door with pedestrian door. I live in Maine and can’t seem to find a dealer here. Do you work with door companies in Maine? My door is 7’ x9’

Hi Susan, a pedestrian door in a garage door is great; unfortunately, we don't know any dealer that we are an affiliate within Maine that could help you with your project.

I have a Wayne Dalton 7’ ft high double door and would like to purchase a pass/ pedestrian door kit for installation in the door; do you supply?

Hi Nick, we could certainly help you with your pedestrian door project. We have a few questions for you. Could you please call us at 717-767-1419 (York) or 717-901-4056 (Mechanicsburg)?

Hi Jim, we surely can help you out, can you give us a call? We have 2 locations: York: 717-767-1419 & Mechanicsburg: 717-901-4056. Have a nice day!

Garage door with passenger opening, 96 3/4x 79 3/4 would like opening on left-hand side and the door to open out.

Hi Carl, we can certainly help you out with this project. We need to get more information about your project. Can you give us a call at 717-767-1419? We will be able to provide you with a price too.

I currently have a garage door that is 7 ft high by 8 ft wide. Is it possible to get a garage door to fit those measurements and have a man door in it? I live in northern New Jersey.

Hi Donna, we can gladly help you out with this project but first, we would like to ask you more questions. Can you give us a call at 717-767-1419? Thanks.

I would like to go get a price on (2) 96x96 glass doors

Looking for a pass through door kit (standard)
Does your company supply them?
If so price and availability to ship to NY 11385

Hi Mik, we sure provide a pass-through door for a garage door. Since the price can vary from the option you want, we could provide a price over the phone. We invite you to give us a call at 717-767-1419. Thanks.

Hello, my family is turning our garage into a studio so the garage door would be out of order and insulated in. However we do not have a service door that goes into our garage so there’s no other entry except from inside the house. We were looking at a garage door with a pedestrian door as an alternative. Any thought or opinions? Also any advice on how we could make it more energy efficient if we decided to get the pedestrians door garage door ?

Hello Kayla, what a great project it is! There are a few options out there that could be a great choice for you. We want to ask you more specific questions to guide you toward the right product. You can book a call here: https://www.bakerdoorcompany.com/service-call OR you can call us at 717-767-1419. Thanks

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