Help! My garage door is making strange noises

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If your garage door recently started making strange noises you’re probably getting a bit worried. The fact that it’s still opening properly is probably reassuring you, but no doubt there’s a mini‑you on your shoulder telling you that you should take care of it before this small problem becomes something much bigger.

But there’s just one problem; when you call your garage door specialist, they’re going to want to know what kind of noise your garage door is making, so you need to make sure you can explain what’s going on.

Boom, clunk, thump!

If you hear a loud thumping and clunking noise when it’s opening and closing, the electric garage door opener may be having difficulty lifting and lowering the garage door. This is actually quite common and usually is a matter of a broken torsion spring (installed over doors). It is very unlikely that both torsion springs would break at the same time on a double door.

A broken torsion spring on a single garage door is much more serious; although your garage door opener still may be able to lift and lower the door, it is much riskier.

You can easily identify whether this is the problem yourself, simply look over the door when it’s closed and see if one of your springs is broken into two. If it is, call a garage door specialist right away and have the broken spring replaced.

Boom clunk thump

Clink, clink, clink!

This type of noise isn’t as loud, but you will hear it clinking away continuously as the door opens and closes. There could be a few different causes, but most often than not this noise is caused by coils in the springs rubbing on each other. This happens often because garages are humid, cool places and so overtime rust forms on the springs.

Another common cause of this noise is a defective roller, so if you do hear a clinking noise and you can’t see that the springs are rusty, call a garage door specialist right away to replace your roller.

Squeak, squeak, squeak!

This high‑pitched sound is also heard continuously when the garage door opens and closes. This is usually caused by a lack of lubrication between the exterior frame weather‑stripping and the weather‑stripping between the door sections. As these parts are made from PVC, they can dry out over time and stick together.

Grind, grind, grind!

A grinding, metallic sound is often related to the electric garage door opener’s chain or belt, and is likely the result of a too‑loose chain or belt that needs adjusting.

Is it a serious problem?

Well, it all depends on the issue that you identify. If you discover you have a broken spring, you should have it repaired within 24 hours for your own safety, whereas if the weather‑stripping is rubbing together, you don’t really need to rush to fix it immediately.

However, whatever the issue, ensure you hire a garage door specialist to carry out any repairs. Your garage door is calibrated to a certain weight, and if you try to fix it yourself, you may throw the whole thing off balance and put you and your family’s safety as risk.

That said, you can reduce/eliminate many sources of noise by lubricating your door:

  • If the noise is coming from a metal part: apply a small amount of petroleum‑based oil to the rollers, hinges and springs;
  • If the noise is coming from a PVC part: apply a silicone‑based lubricant to the weather‑stripping at the bottom, between the sections, and around the exterior frame of your garage door.

You’re bound to find these lubricants at your local garage door specialist’s store.

Should I have a proper tune‑up done to my garage door?

If you haven’t had your door inspected or adjusted in a while, contact a specialized garage door technician for a tune‑up. For your safety, we suggest tuning‑up all doors over five years’ old every 18 months. So, if your garage door needs a tune‑up, contact us today at 717-767-1419 and schedule a call‑out. As experts in our field, we guarantee all our work. We have a residential maintenance program that includes a 26‑point checklist, and adjustments and lubrication of all the major parts of your garage door system. We can even send you a detailed quotation via email! If you’d like to learn more about your garage door, or if you’re thinking about investing in a new garage door, why not come down to our showroom and speak to our specialists in person.

Finally, browse through our image gallery or use our Design Centre to see the style door that fits best with your home.


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