Good Garage Storage Solutions

Good Garage Storage Solutions - Before & After
Good Garage Storage Solutions - Before & After

Your garage has much more to offer than storage space for your car. Unfortunately, many people have garages that are so poorly organized and so cluttered that they cannot even use the space. If you use that space wisely, you truly benefit as a homeowner. Here are some ways that you can reclaim the garage space that you’ve lost to disorder.

Start by Sorting

The first thing you need to do is sort everything out. This is actually easier than it might sound. All you have to do is take items that belong together and group them so that you can access them easily. For example, everything you use for gardening should be grouped together. Everything you use for plumbing should likewise be grouped together. You also want to group household items, toys and anything else that belongs in the same spot together.

Explore Storage Options

Storage systems are typically inexpensive at home improvement stores, and you’ll definitely want to see what’s out there. You can find options for ceiling storage, wall storage and more.

Your larger items will likely be best stored on hooks. The medium‑sized items you have can be stored on shelving. For the smallest items, you’ll want to look at bins and crates as a way to group them together and store them on shelves. One key element in organizing all of this is to make sure that the items you need the most frequently are positioned in the most accessible way.

Use Bins and Crates Wisely

Bins and crates are excellent solutions for many storage and organization needs. You can take the piles of items you organized and put them in bins so that all of those items are easily retrievable when you need them. Label the bins so that you can determine what is inside without opening them up. When you put the bins on a shelf, make sure you spin it so that the label is facing outward, allowing you to make an easy visual assessment of whatever’s in that particular container.

Remember that this is a particularly advantageous solution for storing sports equipment. It provides a degree of protection and safe containment for items such as balls. For longer sports items such as golf clubs, you can generally find longer bins or use specialty storage containers to provide protection and easy access.

Wall Space

You’re going to use a lot of your wall space for shelving, which means you want to plan this out well. Your larger items are going to require the longest and widest shelves. Smaller items are likely to be stored in bins, which means that you can easily organize them on shelves as well. Planning this out ahead of time will make it much easier to maximize the value of your wall space.

Pegboards are great solutions for small items. For those items that might be dangerous or that you don’t want people to be able to access without permission, consider a locked cabinet. These provide great solutions for storing items such as paint, solvents and so forth, as well as power tools that you need to keep safe.

Ceiling Storage

Before buying any solutions for ceiling storage, make sure you check how your garage door travels so you don’t interfere with it. You can install ceiling storage systems and use hooks to store big items, such as bicycles, by hanging them from the ceiling. This is one of the safest and easiest ways to make sure that these items are accessible and protected from accidental damage.

Labeling Matters

Your labeling scheme should allow you to determine what is inside any container quickly and easily. Using permanent markers ensures that labels won’t fade. Another good solution is to use preprinted labels. Take a little bit of time to label your items correctly and you will end up saving a lot of time in the future, as well as frustration.

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