June 29, 2018

From Garage to Yoga Studio


If you love the idea of practicing yoga in your own home, but you worry that you do not have a nice and quiet space where no one is going to bother you, there is hope. You might want to consider turning your garage into a yoga studio.

It is easier than you might imagine, and this could be the ideal place for you to enjoy your yoga in some peace and quiet.

The Garage Could Work

When you practice yoga, it can help you to relax and reduce your levels of stress. It can also help to develop your strength and flexibility. It is considered to be a gentle type of exercise, and it can be a great way to stay healthy. Some people will even combine their yoga with meditation.

In order to perform yoga, it is best if you have a quiet space available. this can often be difficult to find, especially if you have a family. However, when you take the time and put in the effort to prepare the garage, you might just find that it is the ideal location.

Preparing the Garage

Let’s look at the simple steps that you will want to take when you are preparing your garage to become your own yoga studio.

  • Clean the Garage – One of the first things that you need to do is make sure that you have cleaned up the garage, so you have plenty of space to create the yoga area. If you have any items that you do not need, consider selling or donating them to make more room. Put away all of your tools and equipment you are not using.
  • The Right Colors – You want to have colors in the garage that can help you to relax. You could add yellows and greens, which tend to be a good option for relaxation. Neutral colors work well, too. You could also add a mural on one or more of the walls.
  • What Do You Need – Make sure you have your yoga mat, your cushions, towel, and all of the other important items that you need.
  • Setting the Yoga Mood – Have a way that you can watch online yoga classes, and that you can listen to some relaxing music, or sounds of nature.
  • Great Lighting Matters – Having a floor lamp is going to be better than using fluorescents when it comes to relaxing. You can use those and some candles to help see the lighting just the way you want it. For natural lighting, a garage door with all‑glass sections works well. You could also choose a metal/steel garage door fitted with satin or glue chip decorative windows in the top area.
  • Keeping the Garage Heated – If you do not have a heating system in the garage, you will want to have a portable heater. During the winter, an insulated garage door would be ideal.

Now that you know how to set up your own yoga studio in the garage, you will have your own little sanctuary that you can enjoy. Keep it all to yourself or invite some friends over to enjoy yoga with you.

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