July 27, 2018

Garage Door Windows: Should You Add Them?

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You’re happy with the way your garage door works, and the level of reliability it offers. However, you’re thinking about updating its aesthetics a little bit. If you’re wondering whether you should add decorative windows, understand that it is possible, but there are things that you should know.

The Aesthetics of the Situation

When considering the question of whether you should add garage door windows or not, you certainly what to think about the aesthetic appeal of the decision. Your garage door is one of the single largest visible elements of your home’s exterior, other than the siding itself. You should consider coordinating the windows added to your garage with the windows in your home, and the window in your front door, in particular, to create a more cohesive look and feel overall.

To help, think about how you would go about coordinating the windows across the entire front of your home, including the house’s windows, your front entry door’s window(s), and the windows you want to install in your garage door. Look at the design, and determine if there are grids present that divide those windows into smaller panes. You’ll find that both Garaga and Novatech have created themed product lines that tie into one another, allowing you to create that seamless aesthetic that you crave.

You can also use a number of Design Centre offered by a few garage door manufacturers, such as the one provided by Garaga. With this system, you simply take a photo of your home, upload it into the system, and then “try on” different garage door windows to see what your options look like with your actual home.

The Practicality of the Situation

Now that we have the aesthetics out of the way, we need to think about things from a practical standpoint. If you want to add windows to a garage door that is currently lacking them, it is most likely because you want to add a bit more natural light to the indoor space. That implies you’re doing more with your garage than just parking the car there.

In addition to the design of the windows you ultimately choose, you also need to think about things like security and privacy. There are several things you can do that can help with both. For instance, frosted and tinted glass can still allow light into the garage door, while preventing unwanted eyes from peering inside.

You’ll also want to consider things like how weathertight your garage is, and how well insulated it might be. This is particularly true if you’ll be using the garage during the winter (for something other than parking or storage). Remember that a garage door window’s thermal resistance is generally no better than R‑3.6. However, the garage door itself might actually have a thermal resistance of R‑16 if you have a polyurethane injected model.

Will It Affect Other Aspects of the Garage Door?

Yes, adding windows will affect other things, including your lifting system and springs. This is particularly true if you are adding windows to a garage door that currently lacks them. Whether you have a torsion or extension system, you might want to spend a bit of money upgrading things so they can better cope with the increased temperature extremes introduced with the addition of windows. Of course, if you have windows and are just adding one or two, there may be nothing you need to change.

Finally, remember that adding glass windows to your garage door is going to add more weight to the door. That puts additional strain on your garage door opener. In many cases, you might need to consider upgrading the opener so that it does not strain (or break) under the load. Remember that while a door opener might be able to lift 230 lbs. (115 kgs), adding windows can imbalance things, causing problems for your opener. Always work with a professional to ensure that you have the right balance, and that your opener is up to the task.

Hesitant? Need Help?

It’s natural to be a little hesitant to tackle a job of this magnitude on your own. Yes, you can add windows to your garage door. However, it needs to be done right in order to avoid serious problems and safety threats. If you’re in need of professional help, get in touch with us now. Call 717-767-1419 for York or 717-901-4056 for Mechanicsburg.

We know garage door systems backwards and forwards, and we’ll even be happy to provide you with a quote by email if you’d prefer. You can also head down to our showroom in person, or use our online Design Centre. Don’t forget our image gallery, where you can get a look at the newest garage door window designs.

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