December 29, 2017

Why Is Covering Your Exterior Garage Door Frame in Aluminum a Good Idea?

Why Is Covering Your Exterior Garage Door Frame in Aluminum a Good Idea?

You want to do something to improve your garage door, but you aren’t quite sure what it needs. Perhaps you are tired of painting the door, and you are looking for a better option. Something you might want to consider is covering the exterior frame with aluminum. This is called cladding or capping, and it can provide you with some nice benefits. It is becoming a popular choice for homeowners with good reason. Let’s look at some of the reasons you might want to consider this option.

What Aluminum Is Used?

Before we get into all of the benefits, you might be wondering just what type of aluminum is used and whether it would cause problems with your garage door’s balance. The aluminum is the same type that you would typically see in gutters and other aluminum parts of a home. Companies can create the cladding for your door based on the dimensions of your frame.

It is possible to create the capping on your own, but it is more difficult. You would have to take the measurements and then take the aluminum to a dealer who can put it together for you. Ideally, you will work with a garage door professional who can take care of the hard work for you.

Now, let’s look at what the biggest advantages are with aluminum cladding.

Low Maintenance

Of course, one of the biggest benefits of using an aluminum covering for the door is the fact that it will reduce your maintenance. The aluminum is not going to fade, which means you are not going to have to keep repainting it every few years. It is resistant to the weather, and you can easily wash it with soapy water without worrying about harm to the door.

Keep the Wood Safer

Another one of the best reasons to consider using aluminum to cover the wooden frame is to help protect the wood beneath. You will find that covering the wood can help to protect the wood from weathering and rotting. This has the potential to make your garage door last a bit longer than it normally would.

Smooth Appearance

If you want to have a proper seal with the aluminum cladding and the other parts of the home, such as the PVC or brick, you can use a sealant to cover the joint between the exterior finish and the frame weatherstripping. The sealant will stay flexible even if the temperatures are low.

A Nice Look

One of the other great reasons to cover the garage door frame in aluminum is because it happens to look great. You can choose from many different colors and options to find something that will look great with the rest of your property. The garage door is also a big part of the curb appeal of your property. If you are considering selling your home, improving the curb appeal can help you to sell the property faster. Aluminum covering certainly looks better than a garage door that needs to be painted.

What Should You Do?

Now that you have learned a little bit more about aluminum cladding, you might find that you still have some questions. If you do, be sure to contact us at 717-767-1419. We have experience with cladding, as well as experience with everything else to do with your garage door. You can email and request an online quotation, as well.

Finally, if you would like to change the door, but you are still wondering what choice will work best, check out the Design Centre, so you can design your own personalized garage door. You can also check our image gallery to find some great inspiration.

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