October 30, 2015

Convert Your Garage into the Ultimate Man Cave

Convert Your Garage into the Ultimate Man Cave

Many homeowners believe that a man cave requires building an addition to the home, or transitioning a spare room, den or basement.

One of the most commonly overlooked spaces for a man cave is the garage. Let’s take a look at how to convert your garage into the ultimate man cave.

How to Start

Although it might seem like a daunting task to build a man cave from what you currently have in your garage, you might actually enjoy the process. Your man cave will be solely for you and your friends. That should be motivation enough to get the job done right. The benefits are absolutely endless, so give it your all.

Begin by cleaning. Your man cave requires a blank canvas, free of just about everything that traditionally goes in a garage. If you have enough space, you can leave those bikes, cleaning supplies, winter gear etc. in one section.

Ideally, you’ll rummage through all of the garage items and separate them into “keep”, “sell” and “donate” piles to clear out as much space as possible

Insulate It

You’ll likely spend a good chunk of your free time in your man cave. It will be a room used throughout the year, even on the coldest days. You’ll need to insulate the ceiling, walls, floors and the actual garage door itself.

While insulation will cost a decent chunk of change, imagine your man cave without it. You’d be limited to using it for a handful of months out of the year due to the extreme temperatures.

Add Some Sports Flair

You’ll probably spend the bulk of your time hanging out with your buddies in your garage man cave as you watch sports and eat tasty food. Picture your man cave with your garage’s current walls, ceiling and lack of decorations.

It’s just about the worst environment for a comfortable man cave, where you’ll either be entertaining or relaxing alone.

So, incorporate some flair. Add color, designs, sports memorabilia, sports equipment, pennants and any other manly or sports‑oriented items that you can find. Consider painting the walls with your favorite hockey team’s colors to make it feel more sporty.


Garages are naturally dark. Nobody wants to watch a sporting event with ultra dim lighting. Add some illumination for the perfect viewing experience. You can add sports team lamps, pendant lights that add to the garage’s current color scheme or something more contemporary like recessed lights.


While you won’t be able to put an oven or barbecue into your garage, you’ll still need a means of warming up food. Your garage should have enough outlets for your electronics and a few cooking appliances. Add a microwave, a convection oven and a miniature refrigerator at a bare minimum.

Other niceties include a popcorn maker, a refrigerator large enough to hold a beer keg and a large table for everyone to put their dishes on.

Need a New Garage Door for Your New Cave?

As mentioned, you may need to upgrade your garage door to something more insulated. We can help you with that.

Baker Door Company provides a variety of quality residential garage doors, and we can help you with any questions or even the installation of the door. Get a free quote, and take a step towards making yourself a fine cave, fit for the boys.


I will like to know more about your services to transform a garage into a man cave

Hello Mr. Barquet, We'll be glad to help you out with your new garage door and opener anytime. Call us! York: 717-767-1419 / Mechanicsburg: 717-901-4056

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