May 21, 2020

Does your garage door reflect well on the reputation of your company?

If you own a company or provide a service and have been doing so for a number of years, you likely have customers who stop by your location to talk to you, to purchase replacement parts, or to check out what products you have available. Being proud of your business, including your commercial garage door, is important, especially if it’s found at the front of your establishment. Is your garage door providing the image you want the public to have about you?

This article is going to help you analyze your garage door and offer solutions to ensure that you are confident about all parts of your business while making customers feel confident in you when they visit.

Commercial garage door

There are hundreds of choices available

Don’t worry, there are commercial garage doors that can handle whatever you need but also look great to visitors! Most of the time, when garage door design is considered, it’s in reference to residential garage doors, but that doesn’t have to be the case. There are many ways to offer a great image for your business while showcasing a gorgeous garage door.

You may not know this, but Garage manufactures an assortment of garage doors, some of which are metal and include embossed designs. These are available for commercial businesses as well as homeowners with residential garage doors. Some of the best examples include:

Standard+, Grooved, 9x7, BlackStandard+, Flush, 9x7, Ice WhiteStandard+, Moderno 2 beads, 9x7, Charcoal

You should always test out your options yourself. Take a moment to visit our Design Centre. You can take a few minutes and design a 10’ x 10’ garage door to get an idea of your options. Want to ensure the look works well to enhance the way your business looks? You can choose to upload a photo of the front of your establishment and then superimpose the door on top to see what it would really look like.

If you prefer, you can also use the garage as advertising space by adding photos of things you carry along with a large company logo. It can look great and makes it even easier for your customers to find where you are located. Today there is a nearly endless selection of vinyl decals that you can use on the garage door to fit your needs. Just one thing, be sure your city doesn’t have any restrictions on things like this.

You can’t forget the impact of windows

Want to really make an impact with your garage door design? It’s time to consider its windows. When you stop in at a car dealership, you may have noticed that they tend to go with an all‑glass garage door. This is done for two reasons. The first of which is to offer plenty of light for technicians, but the second is because clients appreciate being able to look inside to see the work that is happening with their vehicle. This is similar to the reason that many firehouses have the same type of doors. It gives reassurance to residents that there are firetrucks available in case of an emergency.

Wondering what kind of glass can be used with an all‑glass garage door? The sky is truly the limit. There are options of laminated, gray, clear, tinted, glue chip, flutter and polycarbonate. In fact, you will find there are more than 25 possible choices!

Not everyone is going to want to go with an all‑glass door, but there are many other options. You should always think about security when you are going through your options and thinking about adding garage door windows. Think about the height of your garage doors, one that is high enough could have windows in the top section without allowing random people passing by to see what you are storing. Assuming you have large windows of around 40" x 13" with clear glass, there will still be plenty of light coming in. If all you want is simple windows to look out and see who is there, 21" x 8" windows are small enough to prevent a burglar but give you visibility.

Are you ready to learn more?

If you think that a new garage door could change the look of your business and gain the trust of your customers and you live in the York or Mechanicsburg area, contact us now at 717‑767‑1419.

We are happy to offer you a no‑obligation quotation by email. You can also come to meet us at our showroom. We also offer an image gallery of commercial doors to get some extra inspiration.

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