5 Key Reasons Garage Door Repair Is NOT a DIY Issue


It doesn’t matter if you are doing home renovations and repairs, or building a new home, you can always find ways to tackle some DIY projects. Yet, most household improvements or jobs require the right tools, skills and level of experience. And nowhere is that truer than the garage door system. In fact, most experts say that it is an area suited to professionals alone.

Why is the garage door system, a distinctly non‑DIY space? We have five good reasons:

#1 Safety

Garage doors can be cumbersome and heavy. When made of wood or if from a manufacturing date a few decades in the past, they can be dangerously heavy. They become even heavier when they are wider doors, such as the double 16' (4.9 m) wide styles. Of course, weight is not the only danger, and simple neglect can make the system dangerous to tinker with.

Although one look at your garage door is enough to remind you it is the largest moving element of the home, hundreds of property owners are injured when attempting DIY repairs on their doors every year.

The doors can fall if they experience a broken spring or failed lifting cables, and the weights of the doors create serious threats. After all, a single, steel exterior, door at roughly 1¾" (45‑mm) thick door and 9' (2.7 m) wide, can weigh between 130 and 175 lbs. (60 to 80 kilos). That weight doubles if the garage door is a two‑car width, weighing from 60 to 350 lbs. (10 to 160 kilos)!

Garage door experts know this and are well aware of the dangers present whenever they do a repair or installation.

#2 Experience

Take a minute to explain how your garage door system works? How does every bit of hardware function? What does the counterweight system do?

If those questions left you scratching your head, it is just evidence that you do not have the experience needed to do repairs. Instead, just tuck the tools back in your toolbox and use your phone to contact an experienced provider.

Their years in the field will allow them to know a lot about your garage door system by taking a single look at the components. They’ll know the many tricks of the trade that allow the installation and repair of garage doors in the most difficult conditions and locations, too. In minutes they can balance the door, ensure it is in good shape and weathertight, properly lubricated and can remain in good working order for the long‑term.

#3 Peace of Mind

Inexperience is not such a big deal if you do some DIY painting, but when it is the garage door system, you must be sure everything is done expertly. This is the only way to have peace of mind about the door. Knowing it operates safely, and that no problems will return or even worsen is remarkably important where any electric garage door opener is concerned.

The only way to get this peace of mind is through the skill of a garage door expert. They can give you guarantees on the work, parts and equipment – usually for a full year. They have insurance coverage, expertise and can do all that is needed within the boundaries of your budget. So, because all work deserves to be done well, an expert ensures it is, and done right the very first time.

#4 Saves Time and Money

Getting things done right the first time means you actually end up saving time. The professionals know what they are talking about and know just what to do to give you the results needed. This means they get right to work fixing any issues or doing the job right. This gets the job done fast and gives you free time to do all of the other important things in life, and yet get top‑notch repairs, installation, upgrades and more.

Getting the work done properly and promptly the first time around is one benefit, but keep in mind that an experts only goal is to ensure the long‑term operation of your garage door. Had you done a repair DIY, it would probably end up as far costlier because you would still have to hire an expert to do the work correctly or repair your mistakes.

You might also lose out financially because many warrantees would be voided entirely if you did even a small amount of DIY repair or installation. As an example, a manufacturer’s warranty may be invalid because you didn’t do something the right way and damaged a major component of the door mechanism. Lastly, garage door professionals have insurance that covers both personal injury and damage to your property.

#5 Responsibility

Lastly, when you hire experts to repair your garage door, you remove the responsibility of doing the work correctly from your shoulders. This is important because it also means you are no longer liable if something should occur afterward. For instance, if someone is injured by the door after a professional repair, the expert is liable, not you. Why run the risk of finding yourself in a situation of this kind, and then blaming yourself? Instead, rely on qualified technicians because they know garage door systems.

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