5 Must-Have Accessories for a Stylish Garage Door

5 Must-Have Accessories for a Stylish Garage Door

Simple convenience sees most architects locate garage doors on the front of their home designs. While this certainly eases access, for both vehicles and stored goods, the downside is that the practice creates a massive – usually blank – canvas where stylish details would be better suited.

If you have a 10 to 15 years old classic white garage door, it may be time to invest in something new to upgrade the curb appeal of your home. With many of Garaga’s models including the North Hatley, Acadia 138, Eastman, or Cambridge you can even personalize your door with a number of accessories!

Here are five must‑have accessories for a more stylish garage door, listed in ascending order of difficulty for DIYers.

Door Knockers

An extremely simple addition to any door, an old‑fashioned doorknocker suits some architectural styles very well. If your home reflects any styling cues from bygone eras (Georgian, Victorian or even American ranch) a knocker may well blend right in.

You must always observe manufacturers’ instructions, of course, but the fitting process can be as simple as drilling a couple of pilot holes to a template provided on the packaging, then passing two bolts through the door and turning two nuts until they’re finger tight. Stylish garage doors in under ten minutes.


Changing handles can be more time‑consuming, because they’re simple machines, which comprise small, moving parts. Again, though, the instructions accompanying any new purchase should walk you through the process without undue pain.

Just be aware that not all replacement units are compatible with all existing hardware and holes, so a little research is advised. If the operation involves drilling, then filling and refinishing the spaces left where old fittings used to be may make the job more trouble than it’s worth.

Also keep in mind that decorative garage door handles are not to be used as lift handles. They’re for aesthetics only and not for opening or closing the door.

Door Trim and Mouldings

Delineations and eyelines created by the artful addition of trim and mouldings can be extremely contributive to an extended theme. Used tastefully, and with a delicacy of touch, such embellishments can echo the design of the entire building frontage, embracing your newly stylish garage doors into a more cohesive whole. As an added bonus, trim and moulding can be located so as to block drafts, around door edges.

Just keep in mind that PVC or wood trim may not be compatible with all types of doors. You may have to invest in a new countryside door to fully achieve the look that you want.

Decorative Hinges

Although hinges are physically small – at least when compared to a garage door – they can be quite challenging to replace. Garage doors are designed, at least in part, to protect your home and its contents. This translates into being heavy, and thus difficult to maneuver alone.


Windows, obviously enough, allow in natural daylight, with all the bill‑cutting benefits you’d expect. They also add charm to the garage door and improved curb appeal and are a stylizing touch that can repay their investment.

However, garage door windows can be extremely complex to install, with pre‑existing studwork and – possibly – door opening and closing hardware and wiring to negotiate. Adding a row of windows will also add weight to the door, which requires an adjustment to the counterweight system. This kind of work is generally not recommended for a DIYer and should be left in the hands of a professional.

Pimping Your Garage Door

Fairly new to the North American marketplace, garage door‑sized photos & murals can make an extraordinarily witty statement. Seen from even just a few feet away, the illusion is usually complete and entirely imperceptible.

A vast selection is available from an increasing number of suppliers, and designs include:

  • A jet with wings folded for storage
  • Front and rear ends of massively expensive classic and racing cars
  • Collections of hotrods, Hummers and Harleys
  • Luxurious speedboats
  • Holiday themed designs perfect for Halloween and Christmas.

For all your garage door needs contact us now. We serve York, Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg areas.

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