March 27, 2015

5 Garage Trends from 2014 that We’d Love to See More of in 2015

When we examine current day garage doors, the system which opens a sectional door hasn’t changed much since the 1970s, except perhaps for the efficiency of today’s materials.

We know that homeowners look for garage doors that are low maintenance, properly insulated to reduce energy costs, all while having a design that complements the architecture and style of their home.

Here are some great garage trends that we’d love to see more of in 2015.

1. More Automation

  • Door openers can now be operated with a smart phone, tablet or computer. The latest technology uses an iOS or Android app.
  • Each manufacturer has their own apps (lighting, sound system, alarm system, etc.)
  • One day, it would be great to see a consolidation of these apps, allowing us to access it all with a single finger swipe.

2. More Color Choices

  • Consumers are looking for a unique garage door, one that embodies their personality and is different from their neighbors’. Some garage door manufacturers already offer a wide range of factory painted colors. More manufacturers may join the color trend, and therefore simplify the lives of consumers.
  • One manufacturer currently uses a special inkjet process to render an image onto your garage door. You can now have the logo of your favorite football team, for example, painted onto your door.
  • We would love to see the introduction of graffiti resistant paint, especially useful for garage doors installed in urban areas.

3. More Finishes

  • For some owners, especially men, the garage is their private sanctuary. They invest a lot of money into storage systems and floor coverings. These homeowners are looking for an eye‑catching finish on all the ironwork (rails, rollers, painted hinges) to match their ideal garage style.

4. More Savings on Heating and Cooling

  • As the garage becomes more of an extension to the home’s living space, the garage must be well insulated, like any other room used on a regular basis. Nowadays, some homeowners are using their garage as a home gym or a spot for the kids to play.
  • The thermal resistance of garage doors continues to improve thanks to polyurethane foam insulation. Doors are also more air tight due to the installation of thermal breaks – a part that prevents the cold, heat and humidity from penetrating into the garage.

5. More Windows

  • We are seeing more and more contemporary and modern home styles. Consumers are looking for a garage door window style which matches the rest of the house.
  • With the globalization of the market, we should start seeing more European garage door designs. We may also see more porthole windows or the trend of matching the garage door to the front door (same design and color).
  • Windows are also a great passive energy source. The sun can help heat the garage for free, which is especially useful when it’s not only used to park a car.

As the garage door is increasingly being used as the main entrance to the house, it makes sense for the manufacturers of various door components to make life easier for homeowners.

If you would like to learn more about these garage trends, please contact us at 717-767-1419. At Baker Door Company, we know garage doors like the backs of our hands. That’s because we have been the specialists for the York and Mechanicsburg area for over 50 years.

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