October 16, 2015

5 Essential Tips for Storing Firewood in Your Garage


For obvious reasons, storing firewood inside of your house isn’t usually an option. While you can store your firewood outside, this will expose it to the elements.

Another option is to store your firewood in the garage. Knowing how to store your firewood properly in your garage will help to keep your garage from becoming cluttered and will eliminate any safety issues, all while keeping the wood easily accessible and in good condition.

The following are 5 garage storage tips for your firewood:

1. Inspect the wood before bringing it in

Check the firewood before you bring it inside. You don’t want to bring in any wood that has signs of rot or bugs since this will spread to the rest of your firewood and can cause other issues (such as an infestation of bugs!).

It’s a good idea to burn older wood first as well, just in case any bugs have gotten to the wood that you didn’t see before. This will ensure that you burn up any potential issues with bugs before they arise.

2. Be careful about using pesticides

If you want to spray the wood in order to eliminate the risk of bugs, be very careful about what pesticides you use. Remember, you’re going to be burning the wood, which means whatever you’ve sprayed on it will vaporize as it burns.

You won’t want potentially harmful chemicals filling the air. If you have to use something, use something that is specifically environmentally‑friendly.

3. Make sure the wood is dry before storing

Wet wood isn’t going to burn well at all, and if you store it in the garage before it’s dried completely, it will probably stay damp unless your garage is heated.

Firewood will usually dry better when left outside for a period of time in the sun before it’s brought into the garage. Proper garage door insulation can help keep the garage from getting damp.

4. Stack the wood in rows

If you have an empty wall, stack your firewood up against it. Just make sure that the floor is level so that the rows of wood will remain upright. Your stacks should be no taller than 4 feet. Any higher and the wood will become unsteady, which then presents a safety issue.

You don’t want your stacks of wood toppling over and damaging something in the garage or even injuring somebody, after all. You should also keep a few inches of space between the stacks and the garage wall in order to allow air to flow freely through the wood.

Make sure the stacks are close together to keep kids and pets from climbing around or between them. You can also build garage storage space for your firewood, such as shelving or cabinets, but make sure that they will support the weight of the wood and that they will allow air to circulate through the wood as well.

5. Store it away from potential fire hazards

Firewood is meant for burning, so the last thing you want to do is store it in a section of your garage where there’s a chance that it can catch fire. This means storing it away from your workshop, where things such as torches or welders could send out sparks.

Avoid placing your firewood near any ignition sources, including exhaust pipes and engines.

Storing your firewood inside will help keep it from getting wet and will make it easier to access when needed.

Is Your Garage Temperature Ideal for Firewood?

The last thing you want is for your firewood to be damaged by moisture, insects, or animals. The best way to ensure your firewood is protected in the garage is with a garage door that is secure and insulated.

Learn more about the features of our residential garage doors at Baker Door Company, and protect the rest of your garage items while you’re at it!


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