February 19, 2016

3 Things You Should Be Doing to Your Garage

3 Things You Should Be Doing in Your Garage

The Garage Checklist

Many homeowners don’t bother to put in effort when it comes to their garages, despite the fact that spending a little bit of time to take care of the basics makes the garage a safer and more enjoyable space. The following are three things that you should be doing to your garage, regardless of how much you respect this area of your home.

Keep Your Garage Tidy

Sometimes, your garage becomes the place where you toss things for storage when you’re not sure where it the item should go. The garage is also one of the areas of your home that you’re least likely to keep tidy as part of your cleaning regimen for your home.

However, when you allow the clutter to overwhelm your garage, you may end up spending a lot of time looking for those things that you simply tossed aside. Another issue that arises has to do with health and safety. Tripping over something that’s haphazardly left on the floor can lead to injury. Dry materials can cause a spark to turn into a garage fire, which may spread to the rest of your home.

Taking a little bit of time to clean your garage can help save time and prevent accidents and injuries from occurring due to your negligence.

Organize Your Garage to Maximize Utility

Keeping your garage neat and tidy can be made easier when you organize the space using different types of storage solutions, such as modular storage racks, cabinets and hooks upon which you can hang long, tall items.

Getting as much off the floor as possible makes it easier to sweep up dust while making it easier to move around your garage and locate items that you frequently access. Creating storage spaces for hazardous materials, such as cleaning chemicals, paints and flammables, helps keep them out of reach of children while reducing the chances that an accident will occur.

Garage Insulation Saves Money

Installing garage insulation, if you don’t already have it, helps to keep outside air from penetrating your home, which makes your HVAC system work harder to keep your home warm or cool, depending on the season.

There are a variety of options for insulating the walls of your garage. One of the biggest portals for outside air to enter is the garage door itself.

Performing these three tasks helps you get the most out of your garage while reducing the costs involved and various risks that present themselves when you don’t keep the space neat and organized. In terms of insulation, when you need a garage door that provides solid R‑value, contact us to learn more about the different types of solutions that you can install for your home.

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