Tips for Painting a Garage Door

The color of your garage door…is it still appealing to you, in style, or well suited to your home? If not, now is a perfect time to consider updating it and getting a tidy and fresh look. Of course, that is a bit easier said than done if you’ve never refurbished or simply painted your garage door before!

No worries! In this article, we are going to look at non-insulated and insulated metal doors, and how to paint them. If you have a wooden door, it is a good idea to contact your local paint or stain dealer. They can steer you towards the best methods and materials to use for a good outcome.
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How to educate your children about garage door safety

Drivers use their garage door regularly, but so do others in the home. In fact, garage doors have become the main entry point in many households.
Since your children will pass through the garage to get inside and to access their bicycles, toys or other things, it is imperative to teach them about garage door safety.
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Why Is Covering Your Exterior Garage Door Frame in Aluminum a Good Idea?

You want to do something to improve your garage door, but you aren’t quite sure what it needs. Perhaps you are tired of painting the door, and you are looking for a better option. Something you might want to consider is covering the exterior frame with aluminum. This is called cladding or capping, and it can provide you with some nice benefits. It is becoming a popular choice for homeowners with good reason. Let’s look at some of the reasons you might want to consider this option.
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Can the Garage Be Hazardous to the Car?

Cars face plenty of hazards when out on the roads, or even when parked. Unfortunately, your garage may also be a place that puts the car at risk for damage. How? Most of us use the garage to park the car (at least part of the year), but also for storage of all kinds of items. Limited space, dangerous materials and even just entering and exiting can lead to damage. To overcome this, we offer the following tips:
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Is It Truly an R-16 Garage Door?

You have been on the hunt for a new garage door. You have been searching on the web and have discovered that doors with an R-16 thermal resistance are a top option that will meet your needs. Top resources agree that R-16 is a great thermal rating. However, you need to make sure you are working with a company that can truly provide you with that type of insulation. Some companies out there may want to pull the wool over your eyes and sell you a lesser door just so they can make a quick buck. How do you know you are getting what you paid for?
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Be Safe, Don’t Fall for Garage Door Scams

The garage door may not be something you think about a lot, at least when it’s in proper working order. However, you must remember that that door is the largest mobile component of your entire home. Many people use the garage as an entry point, even eschewing the front door to make the garage the main access point. That is why it’s crucial that you take care of your family by only trusting a seasoned professional to take care of the repairs you need.
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Help! My garage door is making strange noises

If your garage door recently started making strange noises you’re probably getting a bit worried. The fact that it’s still opening properly is probably reassuring you, but no doubt there’s a mini-you on your shoulder telling you that you should take care of it before this small problem becomes something much bigger.
But there’s just one problem; when you call your garage door specialist, they’re going to want to know what kind of noise your garage door is making, so you need to make sure you can explain what’s going on.
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